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Bespoke Skincare Portsmouth

Welcome to Bespoke Skin Health, my name is Charlotte and I am a qualified skin therapist based in Portsmouth, Drayton and surrounding areas within southeast Hampshire. I am no longer taking on new clients as I only work one day a week hands-on now, the other days my main role is as head of Solutions and Dermaviduals educator. I mentor, train and guide other UK Dermaviduals therapists.

How would you like to be part of a skin journey?

Have someone you can ask for help and advice, a professional, rather than an influencer when your skin goes wrong. That’s what I’m here for. I have helped many clients improve and change their skin using Dermaviduals remotely, without needing to touch the skin.

Working with Dermividuals

Dermaviduals products can improve the health of your skin and deal with any skin concerns you may have. Much like a diet or fitness programme, you need to make these changes and maintain them. As with everything that actually works, as it involves the human body , it takes time. skin is an organ, that when treated kindly , works in harmony.

Dermaviduals is unlike any other skincare product on the market today. They only use the purest, safest, and skin-similar ingredients worldwide. You are in the Safest hands when you choose dermaviduals as Your Skincare.

To purchase any dermaviduals products please email me and I can contact you to set up an account you can start 🛍 with me once I know what will be best suited for your skin – bespoke skincare using the very best.

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